Bad Blake announces Western Canada Tour:

An inmate was released into the Calgary area and police have issued a public warning in the interest of public safety.

Henri Jean Rusk, 52, served a three year federal sentence for sexual assault and is now being monitored by the Calgary Police Service High Risk Offender Program on a Recognizance Order.

Police say Rusk has a history of violent and sexual offences and his previous sexual assault convictions were committed against strangers or women he met by chance.

Rusk’s danger level may be increased when he is intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs and he has used several aliases in the past including Frank John Bothorel, Francios Jean Edward Bothoreal, Henri John Allard and Henri Jean Allard.

Rusk is described as:

  • 183 cm or 6 feet tall
  • 91 kgs or 200 lbs
  • Long grey hair
  • Hazel eyes
  • Facial hair

Calgary Police say they issued the information after careful deliberation and consideration of all related issues, including privacy concerns because they believe that it is clearly in the public interest to inform the members of the community of Rusk’s release.


4 thoughts on “Bad Blake announces Western Canada Tour:”

  1. That link took me to the French translation, but that’s okay ‘cuz I get it now.

    This man was one of the 34 inmates released in error. (error being the polite term)
    They almost did that (or something like that) here in NC back in October.

    Remember that?

  2. This man is a VERY convincing liar – but over time one will come to see and know he is a CHAMELEON who changes his story to suit the hearer to a ‘T’. He tried to befriend me and gain my confidence by spinning stories of his supposed days in the FLQ. Richard-David: Barker warned me in word (although he did not have the newspaper clipping) that Henri Rusk is a rapist. Thank you Richard for your warning and also your heart to assist me in my distress. God bless you with strength and truth and humility to receive His grace. Amen.

    To the liars of the world like Henri Rusk, Rose, enablers, et al: BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT.


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