Col. Russell Russ Williams: the bad news just keeps coming

A flurry of activity in the media this morning over Russell Williams:

  1. Never shy of  staying in the gutter, The Toronto Sun is reporting that Williams and Paul Bernardo were college “Pals”.
  2. Also in the Sun;  the accused murderer is on suicide watch at the Quinte Detention Center just outside of Trenton, Ontario.
  3. The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Williams cut ties with his family in 2001 and hasn’t spoken to his mother or brother in nearly 10 years.
  4. While the Edmonton Journal gives us the astounding revelation that “serial killers lead double lives”. Don’t know what tenured professor dabbling in behavioral science is responsible for that chestnut… Woops, it’s Elliot Layton, apparently an expert. Well, he dropped a turd this time.
  5. Macleans, Canada’s national weekly magazine offers, Russell Williams: The Man No One New. Rather short, bland and boring for a blog post. (don’t they have the resources to do something splashy, or at least insightful?)
  6. In between the soft rock and  oldies, Mix 97 is weighing in that Williams may be looked at for an unsolved London, Ontario murder. (Maaaa… it’s always like this. They get a good suspect and every force tries to pin every major unsolved crime from the last twenty years on them (see Claude Larouche). Hey law enforcement! Here’s a tip, try solving your crimes with good old fashion police work)

That’s it, I’m out a here, gotta go to work folks!


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