Russell Russ Williams: More News

Quite a good article in the Gazette on the latest in the Russell Williams affair:

A summary:

  • There are reports of Trenton locals harrassing and spitting at AFB personnel.
  • Williams requested the services of a prison chaplain at the  Quinte Detention Centre where he is being held.
  • At this point Halifax police are denying any link between Williams and their cold cases, but only because there hasn’t been time to test any evidence.
  • Williams is still being considered in the murder case of Trenton native Kathleen MacVicar, 19.
  • Toronto police are probing Williams in the cases of  Erin Gilmour and Susan Tice who were sexually assaulted and murdered within four months of each another in downtown Toronto. DNA evidence revealed that both women had been killed by the same man.

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