Col. Russell Russ Williams: Whoomp, There it Is!

From today’s Globe and Mail:

In the mid-1980s, (Russell Williams) studied politics and economics at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough satellite – a campus that was haunted by a series of unsolved rapes at that time.

A January, 1983, editorial in the campus newspaper, The Underground, stated: “Last Tuesday, a student was attacked in the parking lot, dragged into the valley and raped. This is the first reported attack … Something will have to be done to alleviate fears, even if it does cost the College a lot of money.”

There have been no suggestions from the Ontario Provincial Police that Col. Williams has been linked in any way to those attacks, but they have said that, given the allegations, they will be tracing his steps over the years.

(Serial killer Paul Bernardo, who was later convicted of killing three schoolgirls in the early 1990s, has admitted to raping at least a dozen women in Scarborough at that time.)

On Tuesday I suggested that Russell Williams may, in fact, have been the Scarborough Rapist. This becomes more compelling now learning that he attended U of T’s Scarborough campus, not the school’s downtown campus as originally considered.


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