Gen. Walter Natynczyk’s “Stand Proud” stance on Russ Williams

I understand Natynczyk’s rationale for standing behind the Canadian military in what must be a very difficult time for all Air Force members at CFB Trenton, and the entire Trenton community. The arrest of Col. Russell Williams is shocking, a blow to military pride; and I am sure many in the community are questioning their confidence, and doing a great deal of soul searching.

However I am more inclined to take a “what and see” approach to this affair. I find it difficult to accept that Williams walked about unnoticed in the Forces’ community. Surely there must have been warning signs, as there were with Major Nidal Hasan and the U.S. Military base massacre at Fort Hood. Military culture is not the most forthcoming environment, and “don’t ask don’t tell” extends far beyond gender issues. In the coming days I am sure law enforcement and the media will be getting to the bottom of just how much was known about Col. Williams’ proclivities.


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