Col. Russell Russ Williams: the phones are ringing

The Toronto Star has a story this morning that at least three provinces have contacted the OPP over cold cases that may have involved Russ Williams. Among them, Halifax who have inquired about Andrea King, Shelley Conners and Kimber Lucas:

Not bad for a 1/2 hour of amateur sleuthing, I suspected police would look at all three of these cases in my post last night. I’m sure there will be more to come.

On a personal note; some of you know I was born in Trenton. My family happened to be in Trenton celebrating Easter over the weekend that my sister, Theresa’s body was discovered, April 13th, 1979. I remember that day vividly. I came into my grandparents home, was given the news. I immediately went for a run all the way to the Trenton Air Force base and back. Which, to a 13-year-old, seemed like a very long way.


3 thoughts on “Col. Russell Russ Williams: the phones are ringing”

  1. Pretty good detective work there, John, I must say.
    Glad you’re on our side.

    One thing I could could never quite get off my mind.

    What’s it like being a 13-year-old boy who just found out his big sister has died, and no one can give a reason why that makes any sense?

    There’s a part of me that doesn’t even want to think about that, but other parts can’t help wondering.

    I’m not really expecting an answer to that question.

  2. That’s good Bill, cause I can’t answer that question! 🙂

    I’m still sorting through that one unfortunately. Helpless is a good description, and powerless.

    Sorry I’ve been quite. Sorting through some housing problems, but everything is fine now.

  3. Glad to hear that everything is fine. I was concerned. Please remember that you have friends.

    Helpless and powerless. That’s as good an answer as I could hope for.

    When I was 13 Robert Kennedy was assassinated, in the same city where I was living, and MLK was killed earlier that same year. That was traumatic, but I had a whole city full of people to share that trauma with. Although I will always remember this, I don’t think my experience compares with yours.

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