Opposition heats up to Boisvenu appointment

A cowardly piece by  Jean Claude Leclerc in Le Devoir, and my response:

M. Leclerc:

Allow me to say that it is you that is being exploitive by suggesting that M. Boisvenu is “inconsolable” and therefore by implication has a justice vendetta against Quebec and Canada.

Shame on you.

If you knew anything about the man you would know that the opposite is true. He didn’t ask to be put in the position. And we – fellow victims – are grateful that he would wallow in the muck of victims rights and politics, though we know it is doubtful it will ever show any return for justice in the name of crime victims.

For thirty-two years I have watched the ineffectual, hallow, and neutered response of Quebec / Canadian justice. If you have a better idea for us then I suggest you be forthcoming now. Until that time, stand aside and let Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu do his work.

It is not Pierre-Hugues that will be doing Harper’s work. Quite the opposite I assure you.

J Allore


2 thoughts on “Opposition heats up to Boisvenu appointment”

  1. I didn’t see the article opposing Pierre’s appointment, but from your response I can imagine what it must have said. I am flabbergasted that there is opposition! Good response, John.

  2. Yeah John, good response.
    It seems that whenever someone tries to affect a positive change, there is always someone who is opposed to it.

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