Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu Senate Appointment Fallout

So now Michael Ignatieff is in a tizzy over Harper’s “incredibly hypocritical” Senate appointments.

“He has broken his promise to reform the Senate and now he is filling the Senate with his Conservative friends,” Ignatieff said.

Mr. Ignatieff, I would hardly call Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and Stephen Harper friends. By my account they have only ever met once. Nor would I label Mr. Boisvenu “conservative”, certainly given he drives around the Eastern Townships with an Obama bumper-sticker (I know, because I gave him the bumper-sticker… because he asked for one).

Pierre-Hugues Broisvenu is an independent thinker who shares some conservative values (as do most crime victims, there should be nothing shocking in that).

In the 10 years I have been active in this victims advocacy game I have watched the Canadian Liberals do squat for the rights of victims. Former Justice Minister Cotler had his hands all over international justice issues when he should have been looking to home. Former Minister of Public Safety, Anne McLellan was completely ineffectual, I can tell you  that from first hand experience (returning emails, letters and phone calls would have been a good please to start with victim sensitivity for the Liberals).

Mr. Ignatieff, you would be wise to follow some advice; sit back, wait, watch, and learn from Mr. Boisvenu about what it means to build consensus and effect change.


3 thoughts on “Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu Senate Appointment Fallout”

  1. Not being Canadian, my first reaction to this new series of posts was, “What’s this trip John is on about this Pierre guy?”

    Of course, this means I have to read it. It didn’t take long for me to understand where John is coming from, Once again I receive a lesson in the political climate north of the border. (Thanks John!)

    So in Quebec it is the conservatives who want tougher crime laws. Interesting, I get another example of how the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘comservative’ mean different things in different places.

    Here in the US, the conservatives blame the liberals for being so wimpy on crime and punishment issues. They can’t help it, I guess. It’s their nature to blame others when something goes wrong. I like to point out that the governor of NC who’s pushing for tougher crime laws is a Democrat.

    Keep up the good fight, John!

  2. Well, I see it got fixed.

    ‘Anon’ was good enough to fill me in on previous posts about Pierre that I have missed or overlooked. I now know that John and Pierre are good friends. I’m sure this friendship will lead to positive results in the near future.

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