Pierre Boisvenu: Rock Star

New senator to donate salary to charity

Toronto Sun

Meet one of Canada’s newest senators — Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu.

OTTAWA — He has just been handed a job he could keep until age 75 but he doesn’t want to stay more than four years, maybe eight.

He’ll be getting $132,300 a year but plans to turn it all over to the charity he founded.

The Sherbrooke, Que., native who went on from the tragic murder of his daughter to become one of Canada’s best known advocates for the rights of victims and their families says he plans to use his new job to fight for victims rights and to crack down on the criminals who prey on them.

“I am looking forward to seizing the extraordinary opportunity that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has offered me to continue to ardently defend the victims of criminal acts,” Boisvenu told reporters during a press conference. “As a senator I can now influence the drafting of government legislation, notably in the area of justice and public safety.”

Boisvenu said he has specific things he wants to achieve in terms of justice and victims rights. At the end of four years he plans to assess his progress and if he has achieved what he came to Ottawa to do, he’ll quit.


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