M. Boisvenu va à Ottawa

There appears to be some concern that Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu’s appointment to the Canadian Senate will somehow compromise his ability to effectively work for victims rights.

First, I have congratulated Pierre on his appointment because I know Pierre; if he has made this decision he has very carefully weighed the benefits and detriments of accepting, and concluded that he has made a good decision. No one has gone through the decision calculus as thoroughly as Pierre.

Of course I share concern. The threat of a compromised voice was in fact precisely why Pierre turned down an offer of the leadership of the ADQ a number of years ago; because he felt he was in a better position to influence decisions from the outside with AFPAD (well, that and other reasons… 🙂 ).

I guess I have a more “wait and see” take on all of this. It is not certain that the Senate appointment will compromise him. He will always work for Quebec’s interests for victims rights, he will certainly be sensitive now that at the Federal level he will need to be aware of other competing interests. I don’t think there is any danger that the appointment will muzzle him (if people think that, they don’t know M. Boisvenu.), though I don’t see that anyone would want that. It is precisely because of his strong opinions on victims rights that Harper has appointed him I would think.

Pierre has great gifts as a communicator; he challenges, but manages to stay very much a reconciliator with all parties. This quality I would think will make him very effective in the Canadian Senate. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.


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