John Edwards: an interesting perspective

Here’s an interesting perspective. This is a Google photo of my former house at 500 Robin Road (the red “A”:  where they thought Debbie Key was murdered (read Bad Dream House):

That monstrosity to the left? That would be former Senator John Edwards’ spread. A house is not a home?  I saw him a couple of weeks ago at the Harris Teeter buying his own groceries. Things change.


One thought on “John Edwards: an interesting perspective”

  1. An interesting perspective indeed!

    Some time ago, Mrs. Edwards made the news complaining about the “rabid redneck” who owned the property across the road from there. That man’s family has owned that property for generations, long before the Edwards came. I thought, why buy a place if you don’t like the neighbors, and then complain about them?

    Hey, do you think we should continue our body search over there now that they’re gone?

    Yes everyone! – By all means, read Bad Dream House. I consider that required reading for anyone interested in the Debbie Key case.

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