What Happened to Sarah Rogers?

What indeed: there’s a new Facebook page for her set up that I have joined:



The family of a woman who disappeared after a car accident in Maine more than three weeks ago is searching for answers.

Sarah Rogers is a 29 year old mother, wife and daughter whose family says suffers from a bi-polar disorder which can cause her to go into a ‘manic state’.  On the morning of December 13th, Rogers was in the midst of one of these episodes when she took off in her car.  She has not been seen or heard from since.

“We all feel helpless,” said Sarah’s husband, Francis Coulombe.  “There is nothing we can do.  We want her to come home.  We want her to know that we love her.”  Coulombe says Sarah took off wearing only beach shorts, a tank top and a light jacket.

A tow truck driver heading north on I-95 in Clinton saw her car off the road in the median and stopped to provide assistance about 8 hours after she left her home.  When he got to the vehicle, he saw the door was left wide open with the keys inside.  He followed footprints from the car and found her purse nearby, but no sign of Sarah.

A Maine State Police Trooper showed up to help the tow truck driver and also went looking for the driver of the car.  He saw footprints meandering through the wooded median which stopped on the southbound lane.  When the trooper later learned the car belonged to a missing person, he enlisted other troopers to search in the area, but did not find any signs of Sarah Rogers.

“If she had family or friends from that area, then that would give us something to work from,” said Barrington Police Chief Richard Conway.  “We have no reason to understand why she went to Maine to begin with.”  Clinton is about 160 miles from Rogers’ home in New Hampshire.  Police have issued a missing persons bulletin and have flagged her credit cards in an effort to track her down.

Police are asking anyone who was driving through the area of mile 141 northbound on December 13th around 6 in the evening, and saw the accident or Sarah, to give them a call.  “Maybe they will remember and they will call the Maine State Police and let them know that they picked her up and dropped her off – whether it be further south or just into a neighboring town,” said Chief Conway.  “At least then that will give us all something to go on and that will let us know that she was all right when she left the accident scene.”

“It has been pretty hard,” said Coulombe.  “I am still probably a lot in shock about it really, not knowing where she is.  When she has had a manic breakdown like this before, she has called me, and you know, she hasn’t called at all.  She hasn’t called any of her friends, or her father or mother, nobody.”

Anyone with any information is urged to call Maine State Police at 1-800-452-4664 or Barrington Police at 1-603-664-7679.


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