3 thoughts on “Veux pas parler de la criminalité.”

  1. I don’t speak French worth a diddley-doo, but I’d say that is a photo of the Allore sisters.
    So John, are you back yet, or are you stil in Quebec?

  2. Hey Bill, I’ll translate.

    “Don’t want to talk about crime.” Or something to that effect.

    Wow, John, did those girls ever grow fast!

  3. Thanks ‘Anon’
    I’m afraid I’m gonna need to keep a translator if I’m gonna continue visiting WKT?

    Ya know, I was thinking the same thing. Those girls sure did grow fast. I keep noticing how kids grow up so much faster than they did when I was a kid. I can still remember when a decade was a very long time.

    People tell me that’s a sign of getting older, but I don’t believe everything I hear.

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