Why do we keep giving Conrad Black a voice?

Conrad Black pining for Duplessis: Even shit looks good from the confines of a Florida prison cell. What’s really a bore is the oldster-English waxing sentimental for the glory days when Sun Life ruled James street:


‘Quebec is a bore’
Quebecois nationalists have had a long run. But now the theatre is empty, the music has stopped and the lights are off

Conrad Black, National Post Published: Saturday, December 19, 2009

In perhaps the greatest moment of his meteoric career, Claude Wagner — Quebec’s justice minister, twice a judge, federal MP, runner-up to Robert Bourassa as Quebec Liberal leader in 1970 and to Joe Clark as federal Progressive Conservative leader in 1976 — electrified the Quebec Liberal convention that was choosing a successor to Jean Lesage four decades ago: “We must look ourselves in the eye and say what must be said.” He did so, but the fix was in from Ottawa, and the Lesage liberals and Wagner came second, ahead of Pierre Laporte, who was murdered nine months later in the FLQ crisis.

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