Over 100 Unsolveds on New Hampshire’s new Cold Case webpage.

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The number is staggering and shameful; 114 unsolved cases are listed on the New Hampshire Attorney General’s new cold-case webpage. While anyone would be grateful for the State finally finding the political will to address the backlog of unresolved crimes – a testament to apathy and public service shirking – I can’t help feel disgust that it has taken authorities this long to recognize – not only that they had a major problem – but that as public servants it was their responsibility to address it.

Some familiar cases here; of course Maura Murray; the unidentified remains – some children – of victims found in barrels; Louise Chaput, the Quebec hiker who was murdered in the white Mountains.

Nice to see the links to other cold case bureaus in neighboring states, but again we must ask, Why does New York State on list cases from 1996-forward? The state doesn’t have a back log dating beyond 13 years?

Let’s hope as some has suggested that this isn’t just political window dressing, and that law enforcement makes an earnest effort to solve these crimes.

(to see a map of some of the victims click here)


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