Unsolved Murders: VT, NH, ME – Maine Beefs up web presence on Cold Cases


Have you checked out the Maine State Police’s new web-section on cold cases? They finally joined the cyber world:


Between this and New Hampshire’s announcement of a cold case bureau being formed I say, thank you.

Now if we could only get New York state to play along. Their State Police’s information is woefully stale (cases only date back to 1996). I have a friend in Buffalo who was instrumental in putting together that cities cld-case squad. I have a call in to him to see what’s up with the NY State Police.

In looking at a lot of these cases I beginning to think there might be more in common with unsolveds in New York than in Maine, and this generally is due to highway patterns. Maine was, and is still largely isolated without a major interstate in the upper portion of the state, while Upper New York is curious for route 87 which spans the state up into Montreal.


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