Missing and Murdered Women from Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine – Update

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I’ve made some updates to the map:

1.    I added Patricia Scoville who was murdered in Stowe, Vermont.  Vermont State Police recently used CODIS to make a DNA match and in April of 2005, they arrested Harold Godfrey, a 61-year-old Kirby man. He was convicted of aggravated murder and will spend the rest of his life in jail.


2.   I updated the information on Pamela Brown.  In February, 2009 police charged Theodor C. Caron, Jr., 47, of Barre, with Brown’s murder based on 27-year-old DNA evidence from the body of Brown, who had been seen with Caron the night before she was found dead, according to court documents released Feb, 2009:


In the same article Vermont police reveal they are aggressively pursuing the case of Angela Blouin who died near the Quebec border.  Det. Sgt. Jason Letourneau has spent two and a half years probing the unsolved homicide of Angela Blouin, whose body was found on the side a Derby road in the spring of 1993.


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