FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative

Ok, the name’s a little weird, it sounds like the Feds are advocating for this… NEVERTHELESS, thanks to reader Kim for pointing this out to me; the FBI launched in April the Highway Serial Killing’s Initiative. Basically, they noticed a lot of unsolved murders along long-haul trucking routes and thought that maybe they should start mapping the cases using ViCAP:


From the FBI’s website:

ViCAP analysts have created a national matrix of more than 500 murder victims from along or near highways, as well as a list of some 200 potential suspects. Names of suspects—contributed by law enforcement agencies—are examined by analysts who develop timelines using a variety of reliable sources of information…

Bottom line: is the Highway Serial Killings initiative solving cases? Yes, it is. So far, at least 10 suspects believed responsible for some 30 homicides have been placed in custody…including a trucker arrested in Tennessee charged with four murders and a trucker charged with one murder in Massachusetts and another in New Jersey.

But what about the case that started it all—the series of murdered women being dumped along the Interstate 40 corridor in Oklahoma and three other states? Two people who were working together have been charged with some of the murders…and the investigation to tie them to others continues.

Let’s hope they turned their attention more aggressively to the American North East.


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