Discussion: Missing and murdered women of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine


I have added this page for the benefit of those posters who wish to discuss the cases involving the missing women and unsolved murders of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Some initial thoughts:

1. When I started blogging in January 2002 there were a few vague references on the Internet to the Connecticut Valley killer. I did some posts about it… since that time it has really blossomed; there are all kinds of websites on the subject now, most notably Helena’s page NH/VT/ME Unsolved Homicides: anyone just starting out NEEDS TO SERIOUSLY STUDY ALL THE INFORMATION ON HELENA’S PAGE.

2. I worked for months with State Troopers, SBIs from VT, NH, ME and Quebec’s Surete du Quebec trying to get them to at least compare cases: There was no willingness, no sense of urgency for law enforcement agencies to do so.

3. Two years ago I worked with Dateline NBC for 6 months… I had them this close to doing a story about a possible cross border killer. It ended when my friend, Kim Rossmo gave his professional opinion that a cross border killer was improbable, because it defied the very nature of his theory of geographic profiling (that serial predators hunt close, but not too close to their homes).

4. Kim is right up to a point. If you look at typical behavior; home–job-recreation all within a stable locus, this makes sense. But what of other behavior? For instance I know many folks who live and work in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and their recreation is hunting, and this can take them deep into the Quebec interior, in some cases it takes them into the mountains of New England. What of folks whose occupations are truckers? So their work takes them along routes in Canada and the U.S. that run North-South (route 55 / HWY 91 and 93)?

The idea of a hunter / serial predator is not without precedence, and there have certainly been a number of documented cases of truckers who were also serial killers. Given that there are over 100 unsolved cases in the northern regions of these states the idea should certainly be entertained no matter how improbable.

5. Over the years I have stayed in touch with many of you, notably the families of Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland (they are the “latest” victims, and have garnered the most recent media attention).

So please use this site as a form for discussion, insight, knowledge management. I will do my best to keep things running, and to be the administrator for making connections, facilitating contacts.

6. The map contains locations and details for the following cases: Cheryl Peters, Joan Gray Rogers, Shari Lynn Roth, Angela Blouin, Pamela Brown, Pamela Webb, Maura Murray, Brianna Maitland, Audrey Groat, Kimberly Ann Moreau, Lynne Katheryn Schulze (Lynne Schulze), Barbara Agnew, Patricia Scoville, Crystal Perry, Susan Hannah, Sylvia Gray, and Louise Chaput.

Finally, this is a map I constructed of some of the cases in the northern areas of these states. I am open to including cases from the south, you just gotta send me a photo and some case details:

Picture 2


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  1. Good Morning John,

    I had the opportunity to travel around NH/VT/ME during the month of October and many cases came to mind. I am currently in the process of organizing my notes, there’s a lot to discuss!

    There is a case in Allenstown, NH where the remains of a woman and three little girls were found in barrels in a wooded area of a campground during the mid eighties. (4) Jane Does and (3) are small children.

    Maura Murray and Pamela Webb came to mind quite a bit while I was returning from Northern NH/VT via 302 to 93 South. Pamela Webb was abducted from the Maine Turnpike in 1999 and her remains were found in Franconia Notch eleven days later. 302 is a marked trucking route on the Maine Turnpike from Portland to 93 and 91.

    As I am sure you are aware the FBI has made public the Highway Serial Killings Initiative which began operation in 2004 and I believe they have over 500 victims listed in their database.


    I also came across a comprehensive article on Wikipedia about The Connecticut River Valley Murders that seems very much worth re-posting.


  2. I remember seeing a recreation of one of the attempt murder/robbery of the connecticut river valley on unsolved mysteries. But I never heard any follow up on that. Has anyone ever heard anything about it??? As for the women and children found in in barrels at Bearbrook state park, I use to live around there and they could have been there for years. It’s a big place.

  3. I’ve made some updates to the map:

    1. I added Patricia Scoville who was murdered in Stowe, Vermont. Vermont State Police recently used CODIS to make a DNA match and in April of 2005, they arrested Harold Godfrey, a 61-year-old Kirby man. He was convicted of aggravated murder and will spend the rest of his life in jail.


    2. I updated the information on Pamela Brown. In February, 2009 police charged Theodor C. Caron, Jr., 47, of Barre, with Brown’s murder based on 27-year-old DNA evidence from the body of Brown, who had been seen with Caron the night before she was found dead, according to court documents released Feb, 2009:


    In the same article Vermont police reveal they are aggressively pursuing the case of Angela Blouin who died near the Quebec border. Det. Sgt. Jason Letourneau has spent two and a half years probing the unsolved homicide of Angela Blouin, whose body was found on the side a Derby road in the spring of 1993.

  4. From this week’s paper:

    N.H.’s cold case unit will soon be in operation

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009
    CONCORD — Senior Asst. Attorney General Will Delker said Monday that he expects the state’s newly formed cold case unit to become operational by the beginning of next week.

    Delker said the unit was formed to investigate New Hampshire’s nearly 100 unsolved murders. For the first three years the unit will be paid for through federal grants.

    Delker said the Lakes Region has its share of unsolved homicides, including the 1970 murder of Francis Sidoti in Sanbornton, the 1991 murder of Lisa Begin Wright in Laconia, the 1990 murder of Greg LeFavre in Alton and the 1989 homicide 21-month-old Angela Hazelton in Meredith.

    The 1971 unsolved rape and murder of Kathy Lynn Gloddy is perhaps one of the more public of the area’s unsolved crimes and the efforts of her surviving sisters are one of the reasons the cold case unit was formed.

    Delker said he has tentatively scheduled a media conference for Monday at 11 a.m. in the Attorney General’s Office.

  5. I really hope that this new cols-d case unit keeps people up to date on cold cases that are solved. It would be very interesting. There has been a case that a retired detective has been working on since 1974 of two girls that were found in Raymond NH. This detective has written two different books about this case and in the last book he actually names who he thinks the killer is.. the name of the books are JUSTICE DENEID and BEHIND THE BADGE by joseph houk. checking them out they aren’t to bad………..

  6. Have you checked out the Maine State Police’s new web-section on cold cases? They finally joined the cyber world:


    Between this and New Hampshire’s announcement of a cold case bureau being formed I say, thank you.

    Now if we could only get New York state to play along. Their State Police’s information is woefully stale (cases only date back to 1996). I have a friend in Buffalo who was instrumental in putting together that cities cld-case squad. I have a call in to him to see what’s up with the NY State Police.

    In looking at a lot of these cases I beginning to think there might be more in common with unsolveds in New York than in Maine, and this generally is due to highway patterns. Maine was, and is still largely isolated without a major interstate in the upper portion of the state, while Upper New York is curious for route 87 which spans the state up into Montreal.

  7. Hi John,

    Your latest entries prompted me to remember a case back in 1989, an abduction at a rest area along I-91 in Westminster Vermont where the victim was left along the roadside in Bronx, NY.

    The article below touches on many of the points you mentioned.


  8. From Pakark:

    I agree that the law inforcement agencies are not doing really any re- investagating nor any investaging. They are just reading the files occasionally and hoping someone calls in and confesses. NH as of this month has a new Cold Case Unit… to me it is a joke because I do feel they really care.
    I agree that there has to be a connection to more than one homicide because there are actually several more women around the “Conn. Valley” area and the east coast of NH and some are unidentified to date.

  9. The number is staggering and shameful; 114 unsolved cases are listed on the New Hampshire Attorney General’s new cold-case webpage. While anyone would be grateful for the State finally finding the political will to address the backlog of unresolved crimes – a testament to apathy and pubic service shirking – I can’t help feel disgust that it has taken authorities this long to recognize – not only that they had a major problem – but that as public servants it was their responsibility to address it.

    Some familiar cases here; of course Maura Murray; the unidentified remains – some children – of victims found in barrels; Louise Chaput, the Quebec hiker who was murdered in the white Mountains.

    Nice to see the links to other cold case bureaus in neighboring states, but again we must ask, Why does New York State on list cases from 1996-forward? The state doesn’t have a back log dating beyond 13 years?

    Let’s hope as some has suggested that this isn’t just political window dressing, and that law enforcement makes an earnest effort to solve these crimes.

    (to see a map of some of the victims click here)

  10. pixie has left a new comment on the post “NH/VT/ME UNSOLVED HOMICIDES”:

    Carrie Moss was going out with my brother at the time of her death. She was a runaway and was staying with us. My sister myself and carrie went to a party one night with these new older guys out in NewBoston, my sister and I left in our own car, but Carrie wanted to ride with the guys. So she got into the van, and that was the last time anyone of us has heard or seen her. God Bless her soul.

  11. SKs do cross the border somtimes. Coral Eugene Watts was one example. While he is not known to have killed anyone in Canada, it is thought with some certainty that he entered Canada and attacked women in Windsor on at least two different occassions. Both survived. This was in the late 1970s or early 1980s. His victim list in the US is probably over 40 dead, and at least one survivor. Corey Mitchell wrote a book on him about 3 or 4 years ago.

  12. Police have a suspect in the case of Louise Chaput, the Sherbrooke social worker who disappeared and was found murdered in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in 2001. NH police aren’t saying much other than that the suspect is male and lived in the NH region at that time.

    There is DNA evidence from the crime scene that could link the suspect.

    – TVA film footage here:


  13. I don’t think Maura Murray was abducted I think she left on her own. The car accident was staged and someone met her there and she took all the liquor she just bought with her. Many of the other cases look like they are definitely related. Pamela Brown was strangled in Vermont on July 17, 1982. Her killer was found 27 Years later by DNA. His name is Theodor Caron Jr, arrested and convicted at 47 yrs old in Feb, 2009. So he was 20 when he killed Pamela. He should be looked at as a possible suspect in the Angela Blouin case and the Chery Peters case. Both were strangled in 1993. Also Pamela Webb was strangled in Franconia NH near the White Mountains in 1989. THere are 2 other cases that have same MO but he would have to be 16-17 when he committed them which is a possibility.They are Shari Lynn Roth and Joan Gray Rogers. He could have been the killer of all those women. Some detective should easily be able to figure this out. The other cases had many of them solved and a suspect indicted. Another case Audrey Groat could also be linked to Theodor Caron. The rest have suspects so Theodor Caron is probably the New England rapist. If they dont start linking him to all the other victims he will get out before we know it and start killing again. Can’t the police do their jobs??

  14. I agree with dolora about Maura Murray, I think she had to much pressure on her and just deceided to go missing. I think the call she made to the inn was just a ploy to throw off everybody.

  15. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  16. I went to high school with Pamela Webb and was shocked to hear of her murder. Oddly, I had moved to NH from Maine and was living in Bethlehem, NH, when this happened. She was a sweet, quiet, very pretty young woman. When I heard about Maura and then Brianna, it made me think that there could be a link. All dark haired and pretty. All disappeared, leaving their vehicle behind.

  17. Interested in any updates on Louise Chaput, as we lived in North Conway at the time and one year planned to join the annual vigil then being held on the anniversary of the murder, but something intervened. Have always hoped they would find the killer. This was a horrendous crime that sent a chill through the White Mountain hiking community. She also was found so close to the trail head that it showed a very brazen attacker. Women should not hike alone! Please don’t! Thanks.

  18. New Murders
    Two girls have been murdered in the northern NH & VT with eerie similarities in the last year. Krista Dittmeyer was murdered in Conway NH in April 2011. She fled her car, leaving her 14 month old child behind, who was unharmed. This week, almost exactly a year later, Melissa Jenkins of St Johnsbury, VT was found murdered. She had fled her car, leaving her two year old child behind, who was unharmed. Police say Krista’s murder was “drug-related”. No details of Melissa Jenkins’ murder have been released yet.

  19. I want to give you kudos for this site, it’s very well done and obviously geared towards victims and their families. I’ve been disheartened to say the least to see how LE and society finds it so easy to dismiss people who are in real danger as ‘suicidal’. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I can’t see how that attitude will benefit anyone, especially if they;re wrong, amirite?

  20. Why weren’t the police able to get anywhere by having half of a license plate??? And not to mention a sketch! Unbelievable

  21. I am a child of a rapist, who also was a police man in Stansted QC. I reached out to the police there and they wanted nothing to do with it. Please take my DNA. His rape was violent

  22. That is terrible. Unfortunately I have no experience in such things, and Canada is far behind the U.S. in using DNA / ancestry to solve crimes. I wish I could help.

  23. I’ve worked on and solved many missing persons cases. I would like to make contact with John Allore if possible. I know what happened to Maura Murray, and I’m still holding the resolution to other cases for various reasons. I would like to try to help John in the pursuit of his sisters case. John Allore can email me at ; marco855@comcast.net,………….Thank you,…………..Mark

  24. back when Barbara Agnew was abducted I called unsolved mysteries to tell them of the link which was 91 most victims where only looked at state by state ,there were 2 abductions in Massachusetts they ought to look all along I 91

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