Memorial service for Elias Sorokin

Noticed this posted while I was out jogging this AM (Elias was a good friend of my neighbor. you can find details of his case here):


There will be a memorial service for Elias Sorokin, who passed from this world July 21, 2009. Friends are asked to meet and celebrate his life on Sunday, Nov. 29, from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Carrboro Century Center. Everyone is welcome. If you have a special memory or thought about Elias, there will be time and space for you to share. If you play a musical instrument and would like to honor Elias by sharing your music in a communal jam, feel welcome to do so. Bring a pillow to sit on, a bottle of water and your purest and strongest intentions to laugh, cry, sing and dance Elias into the next world.

If you have questions, please contact Ann Humphreys at or 923-3565.


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