Is there a serial offender in Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine?

Last night I posted a map I’ve started of missing women / unsolved murders (cold cases) in Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. It’s already drawing traffic (20 hits over night).  This appears to be a hot topic that has flown under the radar for some time.

Some thoughts:

1.   When I started blogging  in January 2002 there were a few vague references on the Internet to the Connecticut Valley killer. I did some posts about it… since that time it has really blossomed; there are all kinds of websites on the subject now.

2.   I worked for months with State Troopers, SBIs from VT, NH, ME and Quebec’s Surete du Quebec trying to get them to at least compare cases: There was no willingness, no sense of urgency for law enforcement agencies to do so.

3.    Two years ago I worked with Dateline NBC for 6 months… I had them this close to doing a story about a possible cross border killer. It ended when my friend, Kim Rossmo gave his professional opinion that a cross border killer was improbable, because it defied the very nature of his theory of geographic profiling (that serial predators hunt close, but not too close to their homes).

4.   Kim is right up to a point. If you look at typical behavior; home–job-recreation all within a stable locus, this makes sense. But what of other behavior? For instance I know many folks who live and work in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and their recreation is hunting, and this can take them deep into the Quebec interior, in some cases it takes them into the mountains of New England.  What of folks whose occupations are truckers? So their work takes them along routes in Canada and the U.S. that run North-South (route 55 / HWY 91 and 93)?

The idea of a hunter / serial predator is not without precedence, and there have certainly been a number of documented cases of truckers who were also serial killers. Given that there are over 100 unsolved cases in the northern regions of these states the idea should certainly be entertained no matter how improbable.

Here’s the map:

Picture 2


One thought on “Is there a serial offender in Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine?”

  1. I agree that the law inforcement agencies are not doing really any re- investagating nor any investaging. They are just reading the files occasionally and hoping someone calls in and confesses. NH as of this month has a new Cold Case Unit… to me it is a joke because I do feel they really care.
    I agree that there has to be a connection to more than one homicide because there are actually several more women around the “Conn. Valley” area and the east coast of NH and some are unidentified to date.

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