Missing Women and Unsolved Murders of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

I am constructing a crime map for the missing women and unsolved murders of Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine (most recently Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland)

I have added 9 cases so far. If you are unfamiliar with the situation, there are easily over 100 documented unsolved murders  or missing women in this region over the last 40 years.

You can help! If you feel I’ve missed something, or can contribute a photo please drop me a line. I believe I can even make the Picasa album open to the public so you can freely add information.

Please click on the link to see where we are so far (Joan Gray, Shari Lynn Roth, Pamela Brown, Pamela Webb, Cheryl Peters, Angela Blouin, Louise Chaput):

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7 thoughts on “Missing Women and Unsolved Murders of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine”

  1. The murder I most remember took place in Barre, VT when I was a kid in February, 1958. The woman, Doris Baker who owned and operated a small flooring shop with her husband on Merchant St. was was bludgeoned with a hammer and had her neck slit with an linoleum knife. The murder was never solved and to make things more weird the building where she was killed was torn down years later to make room for the District Court.

  2. I recall the Baker murder. That same night, my elementary school, St Monica’s was set afire and we missed a lot of school while helping to recover rooms that were smoke damaged. A friend I grew up with told me recently that the murder was solved using DNA, but I can find no record of that on the web.

  3. There was a Goddard student who got picked up hitchhiking and shot in the head but survived and they arrested the guy and IIRC they somehow implicated him
    in the Baker murder – this was 30 years later I think.
    There’ll be some officers from the Barre PD, either current or retired, who will
    know about it.

  4. Hi, I agree there was a serial rapist working the area from mid 60’s until the lat 1980’s had a totally different profile than the connecicut river valley killer. I suspect this man either became incarcerated or died in 1978-9. any victims that fit the profile I want to add to my collection. They are young females raped, strangled and left partially or naked. In the woods or near a river.

  5. I am interested in the case of the Goddard student mentioned above by Eddie Hascoll, do you have info about her, her name and where the incident happened? At least..

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