Claude Larouche, Natasha Cournoyer and why we keep making the same stupid mistakes



This is Part One of a series of posts about Claude Larouche / Natasha Cournoyer / Theresa Allore  in the coming weeks that you will not want to miss:


Something wicked this way comes… and no, it’s not the boogie-man, Claude Larouche… it’s the sickening sense that we have all been here before.

A woman from Ahuntsic contacted me. She has compelling evidence that suggests Claude Larouche is responsible for one of the (many) unsolved murders in the region. The problem is (thus far) the police are not demonstrating much interest.

Sisyphus had an easier time carrying that weight than Quebec woman have convincing police that they are justified in their fear. As my new friend from Ahuntsic exclaimed after I told her I had talked to my SQ contacts and they were less than thrilled with following up,

“Why am I not surprised?   Why aren’t they working together with the SPVM!  What is up with that?…  There is something profoundly misogynistic in their attitude.  Hitchhikers, prostitutes, girls going out late, wandering children are sacrificed. If it were white heterosexual adult males disappearing and found raped and killed they would definitely be more proactive, they’d have a much different attitude that’s for sure.”

Why does this sound so familiar? Consider this and look at these names:

Leo Hamel

Roch Gaudreault

Robert Beullac

Bill Matson

Robert Theoret, Michel Tanguay, Eric Latour, Norman Kelly, Ben Patinaude

These are the decision makers we have dealt with over the last 30-plus years with Theresa’s murder. The last five are the Surete du Quebec investigators that have been personally charged to her case, and assigned as my liaison.

Now check this out:

Carolyn Rowell

Patricia Pearson

Allison Hanes

Sharon McCully

Jennifer Young

Sandi Rinaldo

These are the people who have championed Theresa’s cause in the media.

Am I painting a picture?

Recently a friend on Facebook was applauding the advances made by Public Safety in the Eastern Townships: 23% of the Sherbrooke SQ force are women, 2 or 3 local firefighters are women. When I asked how many of those were in leadership roles, or for the number of minorities the chat fell silent. No one could recall a female decision maker in law enforcement. Really? Interesting, because where I live in North Carolina I can count at least 4 local forces who have had women police chiefs in the last 5 years (and they call the South backward). Some of my favorite responses from the Quebec Facebook banter:

“I have no problems with women and minorities being in any work force whatsoever, as long as they are qualified to do the work. When inferior talent is brought in just for the sake of having a women or a minority employee, then I have a problem. And that is especially true when it comes to the people protecting our society.? I don’t know if this applies to the Sherbrooke SQ or the Cookshire-Eaton fire department because I am not familiar with those particular situations. However I did do some work for Canada Post in the sorting plant in St-Laurent. If I worked the way some people did in that place, I’d be looking for a new job every other week.”

“Well I’m not a feminist… I can tell you guys I used to do a better job when there was proper men at work”

What has happened with my new friend from Ahuntsic is not unique:

– It is the same thing that occurred when a woman with information on one of the prime suspects in Theresa’s case came forward. I worked with her for over two years. She was eventually, worn down, brow beat and humiliated by the Surete du Quebec.

– It is the same thing that happened to “Anon” who posts regularly to this site. Anon is a prime witness. A former student of Champlain college who was sexually assaulted at the King’s Hall residence site in 1977: The police will not take her statement.

– Women cried out in their statements over-and-over that Theresa was not a runaway or a drug addict; police refused to listen.

– Carolyn Rowell insisted in the student press that the town of Lennoxville had a serious problem with sexual predators in 1977-79; the police chief, Leo Hamel insisted that women were making a “mountain out of a mole hill”

Well, in response to those Quebec Facebook concerns, I tell you this: my boss is a woman and she is black, and I chose to work for her, because she is the hardest working person I have ever known, and she doesn’t need a “proper man” to do her work.

Something needs to change in Quebec. The white, male dominated homogeneity of the police forces has to transform. How do you expect people to come forward when you don’t properly reflect a representation of your population? Do you not see that the entire Freddy Villanova  debacle was partly caused by this imbalance?

Or do you maintain the white-male homogeneity to keep the status quo?


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