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The publishers, Lone Pine Publishing / Quagmire Press were kind enough to send me a free copy of Lisa Wojna’s book, Unsolved Murders of Canada. I have read it, and have no issues with it. It is always a little jarring when someone writes about my sister’s murder without my knowledge; so yes, my hackles were up, but only out of fear that they’d mess up the whole thing.

But no, they did a very good job of telling the story. More than good; Wojna manages to cram a lot of information into 25 pages, and she references material from CTV News, The National Post, My blog and Kim Rossmo’s book, Criminal Investigative Failures. Lone Pine is a Western Canada publishing house so if this brings more attention from that part of the country who am I to argue with the free attention? (though I must admit I am perplexed as to how this book qualified for a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.)

The book also features chapters on the unsolved murders of Sharron Prior, Dana Bradley, Candace Derkson, Alexandra Wiwcharuk, Charles Horvath, Tanya Van Cuylenborg, and Jay Roland Cook. All in all there is nothing exploitive in the writing; it would be wonderful if just one of these cases was solved due to the exposure from this well intentioned effort.


And on a similar note: myself and Cal Millar – the author of Find My Killer: Crime Stoppers: Unsolved Homicides, another new book that features Theresa’s murder – have kissed and made up.  No ill will there either, Cal’s a nice guy… very well intentioned. He’s even agreed to edit the book for the second edition so it doesn’t say Theresa was a New Brunswicker (a product of  Quebec through and through, and so Quebec can take responsibility for solving her murder).

I also found a Youtube piece on Cal profiling the book


Again, let’s see some of these crimes solved.

Thank you Cal!


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  1. As long as it’s good coverage, as it is in both these cases, then it’s all good. One never knows, as my friend Doreen Prior often tells me. And it’s so true. Who knows where Theresa’s killer has ended up and who he has talked to.

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