Surete du Quebec – your tax dollars at work

I’ve never really understood the whole thing of collecting police patches, but this I understand even less:

Here are some of the fine items for sale at the Surete du Quebec’s online store:

A wine opening kit

SQ monikered wine glasses to go with the kit

Baby’s first bath kit.

Look… I understand the whole branding thing, it’s great to have an SQ t-shirt, or cap, or Hot Wheels car – they promote a positive image of the force, but isn’t this going too far?

Think of all this crap sitting in an inventory warehouse somewhere (because no one is buying this stuff), then think again how it all equates to money, and how those resources could be better used for other purposes (for an extra investigator on a cold-case let’s say? To supplement the current part-time investigator who is too busy to dedicate his full attention to the investigation).

And if you think I’m being hard on the Surete du Quebec, take a look at the truckload of shit that Quebec’s government is peddling at the National Assembly; We’ve got golf umbrellas, monikered wine bottles, Christmas ornaments… 56 pages of crap all paid for with your tax dollars. Think of the things these resources could be going toward: a few more H1N1 flu shots, the return of Formula 1 to Montreal, a big goal-scoring center for the Habs, Parizeau’s next referendum?


Thanks to Graham Moodie for pointing this out to me. Graham was a teacher at the time that Theresa was at Champlain college. We exchanged some harsh words for some time, but we’ve since become Facebook friends: that’s the way things should go.


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