Theresa Allore and Clifford Olson Redux

Rob Tripp has done a very nice profile of Theresa’s case over at his blog, Can Crime.

Rob is an investigative reporter from Southern Ontario. One of the things that interested him was my (indirect) interaction with Clifford Olson.  Rob has done a photo essay on Theresa put together with an audio track consisting of an interview he did with me some weeks ago. He mentioned that he was going to transcribe the interview, but thought to just include it as audio since he thought I presented the facts in an eloquent fashion.

That is a nice compliment and I will offer one back to Rob. It is refreshing to be interviewed so freely. When an interviewer allows the subject to talk like this the result will always be a relaxed and frank conversation with surprises (which are gold to the media).  Leading an interview to a desired outcome will always lead to a flat, closed conversation.

Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when I talked to a different reporter from Canada. It was quite obvious from the start that the reporter was doing an article on victims’ suffering and the inability to find closure. When the reporter knows from the start what they want, and leads the subject in this direction they will always get a “canned” outcome.

Well done and thank you Rob. Here is his piece:



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