Theresa Allore: Response from Cal Millar

Dear Mr. Allore:
Thank you for your email and I apologize for not being in touch with you.
It would have been extremely helpful to ensure information was completely accurate.
You are correct that I utilized the internet to uncover various cases and to find leads on publicly available information.
My intent was to put together details into a single source that would encourage anyone with information about an unsolved case to come forward and assist investigators to identify those responsible.
Initially I did attempt to reach out to relatives but met with some reluctance since I was an unknown individual who did not have a publisher and had no idea how long I would take to complete the project. I did get cooperation from some police agencies and news organizations as well as libraries.
I was given the impression you were no longer dealing with the media and in an article I read that your quest for justice had created quite a bit of turmoil in your life and you were making attempts to move forward and hoped others would continue efforts that you had begun to resolve your sister’s case.
Initially I wanted to focus on unsolved Crime Stoppers cases but when I came across the information regarding your sister, I was incensed at the way things were handled from the beginning and the way your family was treated. Because of what you personally had to endure, I decided to include the case with the hope the information will reach someone who has vital information but has never before spoken with investigators.
Although the case was never profiled by Crime Stoppers (InfoCrime), the program has reward money available if they receive a tip that leads to an arrest in any unsolved crime.
I am hoping in a couple of years to highlight some other cases and now that I have experience and some understanding of the publishing industry will make every attempt to reach out to relatives. In fact, I have already had a number of inquiries from the families of victims to include their cases in the future.
Meanwhile, I hope there are people out there who will learn of these unsolved cases, including your sister’s, and come forward with information that will be vital to police to bring investigations to a conclusion.


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