On behalf of Theresa Allore, a reminder to Cal Millar

Theresa Allore

Theresa Allore

Ian Robertson / The Toronto Sun

Dear Ian

I don’t mind the publicity for my sister Theresa’s case, I really don’t. I just wish Cal Millar had received my family’s permission before writing “Find My Killer”.

For one thing he didn’t “write” anything; he trolled the internet and patched together some information. If he’d researched he’d know my sister was Quebecois, she was never from New Brunswick. Small detail? In Quebec, hardly; it’s the kind of thing that can stigmatize an investigation with the perception that the victim was an outsider.

31 years later and I’m still fighting this prejudice. I don’t need additional misinformation to burden the load.

Still, thanks for reviewing the book.


John Allore


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