New Crime Map – Rocky Mount Serial Killer, North Carolina

Here is a new crime map profiling the  Missing Women of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I did this map to put a face to a victim; it is a horrible thing to see previous maps that objectify these women – these people – as stick pins in geography. For an excellent profile on how the media have ignored this story check out the Newsweek story from October 21, 2009. To see the map, (click here):

Picture 1


In the past seven years, authorities have recovered the remains of seven bodies within a five-mile vicinity of Seven Bridges and Old Battleboro roads outside Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Three of the women were found in the same field. They are Jarniece Latonya “Sunshine” Hargrove, 31, Taraha Shenice Nicholson, 28, of North Raleigh Street, Elizabeth Jane Smallwood, 33, of Hill Street, Ernestine Battle, 50, of Branch Street, Jackie Nikelia Thorpe, 35, of Owens Circle, Melody Wiggins, 29, of South Grace Street, and Denise M. Williams, 21, of Center Street.

Three women who fit similar profiles remain missing. They are Yolanda “Snap” Lancaster, 37, Joyce Renee Durham, 46, and Christine Boone, 43.

To date only Antwan Pittman has been arrested and charged with the murder of Taraha Nicholson.


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