Nouvelle Carte: Disparitions et Meurtres Non Resolus – Quebec

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Nouvelle carte avec Cédrika Provencher, Theresa Allore, Sharron Prior, Louis Camirand, Manon Dube, Melanie Cabay, Tammy Leaky, Mélina Martin, Sylvie Ménard, Nathalie Godbout, Nadine Lussier, Guylaine Potvin, Marie-Ève Larivière, Nathalie Dumont, Joleil Campeau, Sylvie Samson, Katherine Hawkes,Myriam Isabella Kniaz, Jolène Riendeau, and Helene Monast.

Si vous savez les autres, laissez moi une message.

Merci Bien a le Wiki, Québec (province). Meurtres et homicides – 1608-1999


8 thoughts on “Nouvelle Carte: Disparitions et Meurtres Non Resolus – Quebec”

  1. My cousin Katherine Hawkes was killed in Montreal in 1977 and her murder was never resolved. Has anybody looked into William Fyfe as the possible suspect behind some of these murders?

  2. Hi Mom how about you start paying attention to your son!

    I’ll forgive you for skiping out on me if you make the first move.
    I live in Abbotsford BC with my wife and 2 kids.
    It would be nice to tell my wife she has a Mother in law thats willing to make up for what she did to her son.
    Your son Dany Mickel

  3. The top message was intended for Nancy Hawkes , My Mother who put me on this earth with the help of my Father Camile Mickel .

    I’m sorry if i’m dis-respecting anyone , But i find everyone should know about her running out on her son. And that now she has a chance to make up for it before she dies and has to pay her dews to God.
    If you happen to speak to her ,tell her that i’m opening my heart to giving her a chance to make up for her Mistake.
    Thank you for understanding
    Dany Ronnie Mickel ( )

  4. My name is NOT Nancy Hawkes, but my cousin’s name was Katherine Hawkes. Sorry if your mother abandoned you, but I’m not that person.

  5. She was found in St. Laurent but I don’t know the exact location. The guy who assaulted her called the police twice to get them to come. The man was french in any event.

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