M. Jacques Dupuis? Attention SVP!


There is widespread anger over the arrest of Claude Larouche,  the alleged murderer of Natasha Cournoyer. At issue is that Larouche is an habitual sexual offender with arrests dating back to 1984. This is not unlike the situation in Ohio with Anthony Sowell, or the investigation of Phillip Garrido in California. Frankly, as citizens we are fed up.

And this isn’t the first time we have seen this in Quebec.

1. Guy Croteau convicted for the 1987 murder of Sophie Landry.  A repeat offender.

2. Hugo Bernier who murdered Julie Boisvenu. A repeat offender.

3. Richard Bouillon, a serial offender… believed to have murdered Julie Surprenant.

4. Isabelle Bolduc: murdered by repeat offenders.

5. Luc Gregoire: a habitual Sherbrooke rapist who eventually murdered Lailanie Silva in Calgary in 1993.

How much more are the people of Quebec expected to endure before Justice is served? If you are outraged please comment!


2 thoughts on “M. Jacques Dupuis? Attention SVP!”

  1. Oh I’m outraged allright!
    I’ve seen the same thing happen here in the USA, way too many times, and it pisses me off every time!

    Thank you, John, for being the first to call my attention to the arrest.

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