Claude Larouche: more maps

Given that Claude Larouche is a repeat offender with broad proclivities ranging from the attempted abduction of a 7 year old child to the alleged murder of a 37 year old woman (Natasha Cournoyer) – and a history of sexual assaults going back 25 years – it is interesting to plot Claude Larouche’s crimes against the disappearances of five Quebec women: Cedrika Provencher, Melina Martin, Sylvie Menard, Nathalie Godbout and Nadine Lussier:

Picture 1

Funny that Larouche’s occupation is “Carpenter”. Many of the women who were sexually assaulted in the late 1970s in the cases related to my sister’s murder described their assailant as a “construction worker”. Larouche would have been 18 in 1978 – a little young, but anything is possible.


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  1. There is also Mélanie Cabay who was abducted from Ahuntsic. Her body was found in Mascouche. That was in 1994.

  2. There is also Marie-Pier Bouchard who disappeared from Victoriaville in August 2005. Her body was found in Warwick in August 2006.

  3. Doreen’s right. Nothing is impossible.

    Being ‘young,’ didn’t deter Dobson (age 17) from viciously attacking and murdering Darlene Prioriello.

    Didn’t stop Luc Gregoire either.

    And they’re certainly not the only ones.

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