Claude Larouche and Guy Croteau

The investigation of Claude Larouche is not unlike the 2002 arrest of Guy Croteau. Recall that Croteau was arrested in 2002 for the 1987 rape and murder of 16 year old Spohie Landry.   Like Larouche, Croteau was a habitual offender with a number of prior convictions for sexual aggressions. Also like Larouche, it was DNA evidence – left at the crime scene where Croteau stabbed Landry 173 times – that eventually led to his arrest.

And also like Larouche, after the police caught Croteau, they immediately engaged in a process of reviewing all unsolved crimes that could potentially be linked to Croteau. The SQ looked at Guy Croteau as the potential killer in Theresa Allore’s case, just as they are now reviewing Larouche to see if he might have been responsible for the disappearance of Cédrika Provencher.

This is standard operating procedure for the SQ. When an offender like Larouche or Croteau turns up with such criminal longevity it only makes sense to review all unsolved cases in an attempt to bring them to resolution.

In the case of Claude Larouche I can assure you the Surete du Quebec is completing a full review of the files of Cedrika Provencher, Mélina Martin, Sylvie Ménard, Nathalie Godbout and Nadine Lussier (click on the map to follow the gepographic pattern):

Picture 1


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