Blaming the victims

There is a trend developing – and it is not entirely surprising –  to blame the Earl Jones victims. The train of thought goes like this: with high reward comes high risk, they should have researched and done their homework, Caveat emptor – they got what that deserved.

May I say that for the victim, the system, and society it is always a bad idea to blame the victim. The survivors of murder, rape, domestic violence – the higher end of the victim food chain – are always blaming themselves. They should have seen it coming, what were they thinking, it’s their fault; and they crumble in a downward spiral of shame and humiliation.

It is no different for a victim of financial crime. They beat themselves up over this: they were not smart enough to see it coming, they were negligent,  they should have been more vigilant to see the warning signs. Trust me, nobody does a better job of labeling themselves the stupidest person on the planet than crime victims, we don’t need any help from society in performing that function.

It is in EVERYBODY’S best interest that people do not continue to perpetuate this practice. The goal is recovery, be that financial or mental. Nothing comes from the constant traumatization of victims.

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