Rock n Roll is a Vicious Game

I learned today that Mel died. A guitarist. Depressive. He took his own life.

I only met Mel once. It was an audition. I auditioned to play drums for a band in Raleigh. A three-piece power trio. After an hour of songs, I got up to leave and Mel shook my hand. He said I was the only one who got the pleasure, everyone who came before me sucked.
As it turns out, I had a callback. When it was all over I got the gig, beating out 20 other local drummers. But when I showed up for first rehearsal Mel had been replaced. When I asked what had happened to Mel I was told he was bipolar and couldn’t be depended on.
Maybe. But for the 10 songs we played, Mel had a great laid back Southern rock style. 

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