Lennoxville Town Council – 1981

Finally, I found this photo of the Lennoxville Town Council from 1981. These would have essentially been the same players in place when Theresa’s case went FUBAR in 1979. Pictured left to right are Andrew S. Johnson, Robert N. Passmore, F. Duncan Bruce, Mayor C.W. Dougherty, Secretary-Treasurer Jules Gervais, Pierre H Masse, Robert W. Nichol, and Henri Ruel.

If then Lennoxville police chief Leo Hamel is to be believed, the story goes that in 1978-79 he went to these men and asked for more resources to combat the increasing number of sexual assaults on the Champlain campus, and to seek additional funding to investigate Theresa’s disappearance. They refused.

I don’t know what is true, what to be believed. So much time has passed… who cares?
But it still leaves me with a deep sense of unease that these eight prosperous white guys where at the helm of power in Lennoxville when the situation was so precarious.

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