King’s Hall, Compton

FYI:  The King’s Hall, Compton website is back up, which must mean the management company is somewhat (again) aggressively interested in selling the place (the last asking price I saw was $1 million, but that was long before the current recession).

You will understand when I say that for me the photos are absolutely beautiful, and also haunting and creepy. I feel compelled to look at them, yet at the same time I feel a bit icky after I’ve done so.
(for those of you new here, my sister Theresa was murdered while in residence as a student at this place in the late 1970s. Her body was found adjacent to a field about a mile away).
The place is managed by Daniel James Desindes, a nice guy who I have met. I frankly don’t quite understand how he has the emotional faculties to reside here. It’s got The Shining all over it, but more power to Daniel for doing it.

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  1. did not know you have a website. we corresponded a fair amount years ago by e-mail……………my internet handle may have changed since then. if you need
    assistance with local info , do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. I taught in King’s Hall from 1964-December 1966. I taught English. Miss Gillard was the principal. I was only 23 years old. I would love to get in contact with any teacher or former student. I’m very sorry tohear about the tragic death of Theresa Allore. It must have been a great shock to the school. I do remember a weird young man wandering about on Moe’s River Road – he used to expose himself. I was a lonely road and a lonely but beautiful place. The school was haunted, and I experienced several contacts that unnerved me..

  3. Hi Thelma,

    Over the years I’ve certainly collected many stories of the area. Moe’s River Road: that’s not the first time I’ve heard that. In fact I’ve heard many accounts of local sexual deviants in the area. Haunted: Not the fist time I’ve heard that either. 😉

  4. I’ve went there multiple times and I’ve had multiple haunted encounters like my little cousin out of nowhere got scratches on her back randomly even though no one touched her, this happened multiple times and I went there a lot because my family is friends with Dan (that’s what we call him) and his “wife” Vanessa Jory

  5. My family was friends with Dan (that’s what we called him) and his “wife” Vanessa Jory, so we went there multiple times, and had many encounters, I was playing with my younger family members and my youngest cousin went to my sisters and told them “my back hurts” they checked her back and there were scratches on her back but none of us did that because we didn’t touch her, this happened multiple times, also there was one room that was always dark, I always felt the haunted vibe from it so I never let anyone go in, and I feel like the ghost followed us because whenever we were near a dark room I felt the same haunted vibe this happened in every dark room we passed or were near, and in every hotel room (where we played) there are always telephones we were all in the same room, and the phone kept ringing randomly, when I picked it up all I heard was static. I’m sorry about your sister.

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