Don’t say a word, Don’t say anything

Dear Readers, sadly you are faced with a summer of silly and frivolous posts. Not that there isn’t plenty going on. Far from it. I just can’t talk about it. When things start happening, sadly the blog works to the detriment of making any progress. Some examples:

1. Sue Sutherland is hard at work tracking down leads on Theresa’s murder investigation. We are pretty much convinced that answers to the unsolved case lie in the Eastern Townships, and that there are still people alive who have pieces to the puzzle, but no one has bothered to ask their opinions. Sue and I stay in close contact. But she doesn’t tell me everything. In fact, we agree that she shouldn’t tell me everything to protect the integrity of what she is doing. But please, if you have any information, contact Sue.

2. About a year ago, I reconciled with Champlain College in Lennoxville, the school Theresa was attending before she died. I can’t go into details just yet. I will say I no longer have a beef with the institution: the key players from that era at the school have either retired or died. And I will not hold on to hate and the expense of my mental health.

Champlain and my family are working on something. I just can’t talk about it. It’s a good thing, and an announcement will be eminent.

3. Dateline NBC: We finally made contact. I gave them some pieces of the puzzle to look at. It seemed to tweek their interest. We shall see if they run with it. It would be so nice to get some U.S. coverage.

4. The murder of Irina Yarmolenko, a local student who was attending UNC Charlotte… this case keeps getting more interesting.

Keep watching the skies!


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