Can YouTube help Theresa?

On March 1, 2008, Halton Police in Ontario, with the assistance of CrimeStoppers, posted a video on YouTube to re-ignite interest in the killing of Ray Venerus. It was CrimeStoppers first ‘re-enactment’ YouTube video. It produced 1,200 hits, and a number of added comments which the police hope will turn into leads.

I think this would be a marvelous way to get word out about Theresa’s case. We need tips. We need to be bold and creative. We need to exploit the latest technology to get the word out there.

However, it’s not enough to just post the video. We have to direct traffic to the video and we can do this by issuing a news release to the media (in Quebec, Ontario, and New England) every time we upload a video.

A variety of different video clips (30 seconds to 2 minutes in length) could be produced including:
– a re-enactment of various theories of the crime
– a direct appeal from John recounting the details of the crime
– a scenic “tour” of the significant places associated with Theresa’s case
– a brief interview with Kim Rossmo and the theory of a serial killer
– edited footage from TV news reports

Maybe these clips should become “episodes” to encourage return YouTube viewings. (YouTube viewers like “repeatable”, addictive videos with elements of suspense…) Each video would end with the URL of the Who Killed Theresa? blog.

I’m sure that with John’s theatre background and the assistance of local WKT? bloggers, we could create a series of professional and powerful video clips.

Here’s the link to the “Who killed Ray Venerus?” YouTube video.


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