Friday, April 27th, 1979

With his investigation in jeopardy, Gaudreault now begins to pin his hopes on the Pathologist’s final conclusions. Undoubtedly the toxicological report will give final proof that drugs were the culprit in this affair.

At the end of the week, on Friday, April 27th Pathologist, Teresa Sourour, releases her final report on the medical legal conclusions of Theresa Allore’s autopsy. Sourour reports that the state of advanced putrefaction and extensive adipocere, along with the absence of visible signs of traumatic violence make it difficult to determine the cause of death.

She also states that pathologically, there is nothing to suggest a natural death, and that the death could go back a few months. In conclusion she states that the cause of death remains undetermined.

On that same day, Micheline Rousseau, a chemical analyst with the Laboratoire de Police Scientifique releases the results of the toxicological analysis. The results are inconclusive. They cannot detect the presence of drugs in the internal organs of Theresa Allore.


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