January 19, 1979

On Friday, January 19th, 1979, Robert Buellac travels to Compton and supervises the packing of all of the contents of room 235 Gillard house. The 4 x 4 wooden crate containing all of Theresa Allore’s belongings is sealed and shipped by Allied Van Lines to Saint John, New Brunswick. It is one of the last duties performed by Buellac.

At the close of January the case is cold. Mr. Allore has racked up over $5,000 in detective expenses with very little to show for it. He can no longer afford the services of the Metropol Bureau of Investigation. Buellac promises to stay involved in the case on an advisory basis. But the case has lost momentum. Buellac confides to Mr. Allore that he does not foresee a good ending to this whole affair. By the end of January, it is clear to Robert Allore that his daughter will probably not be found alive.


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