December 11, 1978

On December 11th, 1978 Bob Buellac phones Mr. Allore with what are now becoming weekly reports. More news about Compton. He has spoken to the students from the “acid party”. Three students have come forward saying they over-dosed on acid the night of November 3rd. Dave states that he and fellow students, Brian and Marc got together in Gillard house around ten thirty at night. They drank some beer and each dropped a hit of acid. After midnight, Dave was walking from Gillard to King’s Hall and suddenly passed out on the lawn. He was taken to the Sherbrooke hospital by another student, Glenn. Later, Marc also passed out. He was also taken to the hospital by a student, Dan. Still a third person took Brian to the hospital; he had also passed out. All three students recovered and were back at Compton by the following Saturday afternoon. All three students claim that they were the only ones doing acid that night. Theresa Allore was not involved.


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