Wednesday, November 15th 1978

It is a thirty-minute drive from Lennoxville to the small village of Austin off the shores of Lake Memphremegog. Chief Hamel is not happy to be making the trip. There is no easy way to get there. You have to go through the town of Magog and navigate any number of gravel back roads. He has agreed to meet some hunters near Austin who claim to have found some articles of clothing in the woods. If there is time, he and his officer, Constable Martin, will venture into the woods with the hunters to try and recover the clothing.

It is the morning of November 15th. The hunters found the clothes on the 5th, ten days earlier. The two parties meet up on Chemin Giguare. This is the spot where the hunters exited the forest after having found the clothing. For some reason, they decide not to enter the forest from this point. Instead, they drive around to another back road running parallel to Giguare. The cars pull over to the side of the road at a spot that approximates the entrance location where the clothes where found on the other side by Giguare. Hamel speaks with the hunters. They say they saw blue pants and a blouse. They can’t remember the color of the blouse, maybe pink. The hunters and officers enter the forest. The ground is mushy and difficult to walk on. The previous evening the area experienced a heavyrainstorm. The hunters try to take them to the spot, but they are not sure where it is. It’s confusing – they are now trying to approach it coming from the opposite direction. The forest is dense.

Leo Hamel (1978)

Hamel is running out of time. It is 11:00 am. He has more leads to run down this morning. The search party decides to call it quits. Hamel thanks the hunters. If they come across the clothes again, please let him know. On the way back, Hamel and Martin discuss the matter. A waist of time, they conclude. In their statements, the students said that Theresa Allore was wearing a white shirt, not pink. Besides, Hamel thinks, she’s a runaway; when she’s found she will have her clothes on.

On Wednesday afternoon, Theresa’s parents decide to check her locker on campus. They are escorted to the locker by Jo-Anne Laurie. Jo-Anne knows Theresa’s combination. When the locker is opened, Laurie is surprised to see textbooks there on the shelf. There is also a birthday card from Theresa’s grandparents. Laurie is sure these items were not there when she and her boyfriend, Ian, opened the locker the previous week. Confused, Mr. Allore asks Jo-Anne who Ian is. Despite being her boyfriend, Laurie replies that she cannot remember his last name. Mr. Allore asks to speak to Ian. Laurie informs Mr. Allore that Ian is unavailable. Curiously, he has decided to spend the week at his parent’s vacation home in Vermont. Ian Catterill will be absent from campus for the entire week during which the police conduct their investigation into Theresa’s disappearance.


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