Carl Fox

A reader asks,


What part of the “botched investigation of Andrew” are you blaming Carl Fox for? The fact that the Carrboro police used his letterhead to trick Andrew to think he was being arrested for murder, or the fact that they indicted Andrew with no physical evidence, not even proof that she is dead. Carl certainly showed poor judgement in giving them his stationery without asking to see what purpose they put it to, but I suspect that he like all of us learned a valuable lesson about trusting that the police are straightforward, honest and always fulfill their function to uphold the law.


I can’t forgive Carl for either of these things: For allowing the police to use his letterhead, nor for allowing Dalzell to go to trial without a case. Both these decisions showed poor judgement. Carl wants to continue being a judge. Given these mistakes – and the fact that he has never addresses these issues – and the fact that there are several worthy candidates for the two judgeships, I think people should vote for someone else.

I know the police investigators in this case. They are straightforward, honest people and they displayed unbelievable patience in this matter; they would not have proceeded if Mr. Fox hadn’t encouraged them.

Not only this. There are others who have issues with Carl Fox. See the “Citizens against Carl Fox” banners around town? I have nothing to do with this. This is another group of people with a seperate beef against Mr. Fox. I know their issue and it gives reasonable cause for concern.

I think there are too many reasons not to vote for Carl Fox.


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