Dear xxxxxx:

Thank you for your message. I’ve spent the last few days pondering just what to do with your information.

Under normal circumstances I guess I should turn it over to the police, trust in the justice system and wait for eventual outcomes. But we both know we are not living under normal circumstances. Or rather what should be normal is inversed, and abnormality and dysfunction are what passes for normalcy in our current justice system. Still there is nothing new here. It was an upsidedown world in 1978 and so it remains.

The Quebec police will tell you that they wish to solve crimes; this is one of their stated missions, but one of the chief methods of accomplishing this task – chasing down leads – is an activity they abhor. “Leads just create more work, and usually they are bad leads” as I have been told by officers. So we have a high-minded mission with no means of accomplishing it: what a perfectly preposterous situationwe both find ourselves in!

In short I don’t think I have anyone to investigate your information. At one time I would have done it myself, but I’m worn out – I frankly prefer these days to rake leaves – rake leaves! – with my children. After 28 years since Theresa’s death, after 6 years of my own involvement in this investigation, sadly my family is still waiting for some accountability for the Surete du Quebec.

Nevertheless, I will pass this information on to the chief investigator in the case, and I will also forward it to M. Charest, Quebec’s minister of public safety and the minister of justice – from whom I am still waiting for a reply (but not
expecting one) on my request for an inquiry into the activities of the SQ, and a request for the formation of a cold case bureau that will finally put an end to all this waisted effort.

More important, I will pass your information on to a young criminology student at the University of Montreal who currently seems to be the only person with the will and sense of decency, the ethical obligation to do what is right.

Hopefully we will both one day get an answer to our questions and concerns,

With gratitude,

John Allore

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>Subject: Who killed Theresa?

I realize that this may sound like a long shot…But let me start by explaining
a little before I go on.

In the late 70’s or early 80’s a guy named xxx xxxxxxx moved here to
xxxxxxx. xxxx. , from the Sherbrooke area along with his xxxxxxx xxx

He might have been in his early twenties at this time. This guy was always a
very weird and a sex pervert and made alot of young women feel very uneasy around


There is so much more to this weirdo that I could talk about, but you have
the resources to investigate deeper into exactly where he came from and when he
came here and his record…. he came from that area about the time after those young girls
were murdered, and this warrants further investigation….

Please have someone investigate xxx xxxxxxxx, as I’ve had a gut feeling that
he is responsible for more than we know since I’ve read your story…Thank you!

Good Luck!,


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