Have you got triggers that set you off emotionally? I got a million of them. A sampling:

– Driving in the car (no, it’s not just road rage)
– Anxiety in parking lots
– Anxiety about making choices
– Garbage or refuse at the side of a road or highway
– A sunny day (it could rain at any minute?)
– College campuses
– Forests
– Getting lost (that’s why I rarely get lost)
– Deserted roads (actually just about everything having to do with roads)
– The Canadian Shield (I love it, but it also creeps me out)
– Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine (also love them)
– Hitchhikers
– Bicycles
– Corn Fields
– Orchards
– Industrial areas
– Bathrooms that smell like urine (probably not on anybody’s fun list)
– School hallways
– Water – especially fresh water lakes, rivers, streams

I know, I’m a whack-job. I’m trying to deal with this stuff. You’d be surprised how difficult it’s been, but how simple the solution really is.

Identify the problem, focus on remedies and alternatives, and choose.

Easier said than done.

“Little triggers. I dont wanna be hung up, strung up…”


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