Truculent – Like A Truck

When I came to the realization that I was “blessed” with three daughters, one of the first things I did was teach them how to punch (you can guess why I did this).

My oldest has become quite good at it and has no problem hauling off and hitting boys whenever they get out of line. This usually leaves them in “shock and awe”, which I suppose Rumsfeld will tell you is the intention of violence.

But in light of recent events like this, and this… and THIS … oh, and this… and there’s this, and of course you all know this … and don’t forget this… and this, this one happened near where we live… and this, yes I suppose even this – when you think of it – is really a manifestation of the same thing on a global scale.

…anyway, in light of these events – and in consideration for the future of our planet – I’ve now changed my tactic.

I’m instructing my daughters to help the boys. If they act aggressive, stupid and destructive try to coddle them, instruct them, maybe even love them… anything that will prevent you from finding yourselves within the sights of an assault rifle…

… or a 21-Kiloton Plutonium bomb.


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