The Yankee Buffalo

Once they roamed the Prairies, these mighty beasts that stink
But now the Buffalo Sabres will soon become extinct
Watch the Hurricanes chop-chop-chop, and cut them down to size
See the Sabres stop-stop-stop competing for Lord Stanley’s prize

Saturday will be sweet-sweet-sweet as we tailgate at RBC
We’ll drink cold beer and raw red meat as we cheer the Canes to victory
So Buffalo beat Philly, a lame team of walking wounded
And the Sens, king chokers from the East, since 92′ when they were re-instituted

Real men beat real hockey teams, not these powder-puff brigades
Watch a Hurricane take out NY, and cut in two your Buffalo blades
Your Sabre rattling can’t move the South, remember Deliverance and Ned Beatty?
Cause unless I’ve missed my guess with this, I know a Buffalo that’s going to squeal like a piggy!

A Buffalo, A BUFFALO? Is worthy of the cup?
Well there’s a gale force from below that’s going to shut you down and shut you up
And like a fart that comes into this world, born without a sin
The “mighty” Buffalo Sabres will break like the wind


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