Game 4 – Carolina 3, Montreal 2

I said at the beginning of this that Montreal would probably beat Carolina. But that was given all things equal. Well things are not equal. Without Koivu the Habs are a ship adrift without a captain (Imagine the Canes without Brind’Amour).

With Koivu in the lineup the Canes wouldn’t have gotten three points from Justin Williams (and I’m wondering how long we can accept Williams’ apologies as he stuck it again to a Canadians player (Boullion) and again no penalty called).

Having said that, The Canes totally dominated the Habs last night, no more so then in the third period where they played excellent D and shut Montreal down.

Game five is back in Raleigh. I’m debating whether I’ll go. It’s getting a little tedious listening to Johnny Cracker in the stands pontificate about “the double teaming” and the “offsides”. (Of course this works both ways, I also think professional basketball has no business being played in Canada and The Toronto Raptors is the gayest name I’ve ever heard).

Yes it truly is an upside down world when a team from the South can overpower the once invincible Blue Blanc et Rouge. It’s like watching a movie and cheering for the villain instead of our hero. Kind of how I feel when I watch those MI3 previews; I so want Phillip Hoffman to beat the crap out of Tom Cruise.


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