I was considering releasing the book I worked on two years ago through regular posts on this site…

but a friend and fellow blogger (whose opinion I value tremendously) advises me not to. He says the story is still evolving and you never know what the future holds.

I’d love to release it if only to get all the information out there (there’s a lot I haven’t told). When I wrote it I was pretty angry (angrier than I am now? ‘fraid so); I’m not that attached to the format or message anymore.

I’d like to write another book that would be quite different in approach. Basically I would write a chapter for chapter comparison of the justice system in Quebec / Canada in the 70s and the justice system now, using my sister’s case and the Julie Boisvenu case as side-by-side studies.

But I think I’ll secure an editor first before I write that one.


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